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About Us

URBAN HOMESTEAD SUPPLY AND FARMSTAND's uniqueness is due in large part to the fact that it is family owned and operated. The products first have to meet rigorous standards of real-life use. And the fresh produce is provided directly from our onsite garden or other local, organic farms that we deal with on a personal level.

The Urban Homestead Garden and Farmstand

...backyard fresh from our organic garden to your table...with pride

Previously known as Dervaes Gardens, Urban Homestead Supply & Farmstand is a backyard family business which sprouted in 1995 and is located in the middle of Pasadena, California. From this bountiful one-tenth of an acre city lot, we grow and sell seasonal, locally grown vegetables, herbs, fruits and edible flowers.

Our specialty is in the unique, rare, and heirloom varieties. Although this restricts the amount of produce we provide, we specialize in quality, not quantity. We provide to you only the very best of what’s growing in our revolutionary organic garden. We also partner with local organic farms and suppliers to offer a variety of fruits, vegetables and specialty food items.

Although the many of our clients are fine, upscale restaurants and caterers in the Pasadena area, we also make available our fresh, organic produce and edible flowers to local individuals from our front porch farmstand. Because this is a home business and our produce is fresh-picked, we require an advance appointment.  Please visit our contact page for visiting information. 

For LA area residents, we have partnered with Good Eggs LA to provide FREE weekly delivery of our produce to your door!  Visit: http://www.goodeggs.com/urbanhomestead

General Store and Farm Supply

We are dedicated to bringing to you tried-and-true products for the self-reliant eco-pioneer. Behind our store stands a decades-long project founded by me in 1986. My family and I are seeking to live a true modern pioneer life. Most of the products offered here are in use every day on the homestead. This isn't your typical store but a real-life working sustainable urban "farm" where products have to perform reliably and are expected to last a long time under regular (daily) abuse. You won't find frivolous eco-novelties in this shop. If it doesn't work for us, we don't offer it - plain and simple.

We appreciate your business!

Jules Dervaes

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